• The Illusion of Duality


    If you are aware of the illusion of opposites (e.g. the illusion that light and dark are opposites because you cannot have one without the other), you also recognize that using the perspective that time flows from the future through the present and into the past is naïve. I bring this up because I have suggested that the Archetypal purpose of relationship is evolution. The standard understanding of evolution is that evolution depends on the flow of time. We ordinarily imagine that things slowly or suddenly evolve during a passage of time. By saying that the Archetypal purpose of relationship is evolution I am not associating relationship with a past-present-future “trying to achieve a goal” flow-of-time orientation. Nondualistic clarity sees the eternal now as having no flow of time. To understand the overall purpose of relationship as evolution without discounting the Archetypal clarity of the nondual perspective that the eternal now has no time flow, you must have the additional clarity that, in the timeless, eternal now there are actually two forms of “what is.” There is a passive form of “what is” and an active form of “what is.” The passive form of “what is” is accepting what is, as it is, here and now in the moment without judgment. The active form of “what is” is conscious creation. In the same way that creating does not happen in time and only happens now, evolution also only happens now. Archetypal Relationship lives in the orientation that what happens now is either accepted or created, both of which include conscious responsibility. Archetypal Relationship is not about trying to evolve into something different in the future but rather consciousness of “evolution happening” now.


  • What is, is.

    What is, is.

    On the Thoughtmap of Possibility there is only one true thing on the map: the vertical line in the center that declares, "What is, is, as it is, here and now in this moment. Just this." But we are human beings, and we don't leave it that way

    There is no such thing as a problem.

    It is impossible to be a victim.

    Irresponsibility is an illusion.